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hey friend! I'm Olivia Dotson, a destination photographer who is based in Utah. what sets me apart is my bold + stunning imagery that is tailored to YOUR love story. I specialize in weddings + elopements, but also capture any form of sessions. throughout my life, I have obsessed over photography, but was hired for my first shoot at 14 years old! since then, I have spent countless hours continuing to shoot professionally, edit, and travel the world.

some fun facts about me: I have an unhealthy obsession with otters, naps, sushi, tv shows New Girl + The Office, and my sweet husband, Kayle. last July, we eloped in the mountains with our loved ones- best decision we have ever made! we love to road trip + put over 40k miles on our car last year. I am currently a full time student at the University of Utah, so I totally understand the "poor college student" budget + have tons of payment plan options to help you out.  I absolutely LOVE what I do!



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I expect my clients to be a good fit, to love my work + be willing to fall in love all over again during our session. my ideal client should not be afraid to let the wind mess up their hair, get mud on their shoes, or grab their lover's butt. my sessions are full of laughter + tears to create an intimate session based on YOU.


special occasions beg for a photographer, but not every session needs to have a reason; shoots can simply be a moment to remember why we choose to love + enjoy life. when choosing your photographer, it is vital you obsess over their work + recognize that your personalities can compliment one another.



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"Olivia was the most involved, energetic, and friendliest photographer! She interacted with our guests so comfortably and made sure my husband and I were taken care of with water, food, and breaks in the wedding chaos. We were so comfortable during all of our sessions and are SO happy with the results. Olivia is so talented and we would hire her over again every. Time. We recommend her to only those that want to swoon over every single photo she delivers and that want to have so much fun and be filled with confidence during their shoots. She is incredible!!"


G + M

"Olivia was our photographer for our engagements, bridals, and elopement and I don’t think we could have had a better experience! We got SO many images back... and every single one was glowing + dreamy. She captures every emotion perfectly + working with her is EFFORTLESS and ADVENTUROUS. She really makes you fall deeper in love with your special person (and yourself!!). Plus, she’s like the world’s best hype woman.
I just cannot say enough how stunning our images are. They are beautiful and packed with emotion and memories. Literally everybody comments on our photos. Even months later, I have had people tell me that they love our photos so much that they show them to their own friends and family! Basically, booking with Olivia is one of the best decisions you could make!"


S + C

"Olivia is the BEST to work with. She is incredibly attentive to all the details and determined to get photos of every meaningful thing on your special day! We had such a wonderful time with her at our wedding and she gave us the most perfect photos! Olivia made sure we got all the pictures we wanted and did everything in her power to make the day run smoothly. I had the absolute best wedding day and now I have all the most beautiful pictures of it. Olivia is hands down the best wedding photographer in the world. She is without a doubt the person you should hire for your special day!!"

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