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los angeles, california

st. george, utah

st. george, utah

las vegas, nevada











seattle, washington

st. george, utah

spokane, washington

st. george, utah

st. george, utah

portland, oregon

 seattle, washington

vancouver, canada

grand teton national park

victor, idaho

st. george, utah

dallas, texas

ephraim, utah

st. george, utah

what is your rescheduling + cancellation policy?

if you wish to reschedule your session, I am more than flexible to work with you with proper notice. each session is allowed one reschedule free of charge, but there are additional fees for reschedules after. cancellation notices must be given at least 30 days prior to the  event.

how long will it take to get my photos,

how will they be delivered, 

+ how many will I receive?

wedding gallery turnaround time is 6-8 weeks and will be delivered on an album website called pic-time. other sessions have a 3-4 week turnaround time. your contract guarantees a minimum of 50 high-quality, edited photos for every hour you book me. 

we feel awkward in front of the camera;    will you help us?

of course! my job is to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I love to direct my couples with lots of movement and natural poses to help document what your love is really like. it is hard to be vulnerable in front of a camera, but I take pride in helping every client feel at ease with me.

where are you based? do you travel?

I am currently based in salt lake city, utah, but specialize in destination weddings, as well. I will travel anywhere in the world for you!

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frequently asked questions



Romanticize your

in love again."

"It felt like falling

let's document your love story.

Beautiful life.

let's shoot


STEP one:

Say "Hey!" by filling out my contact form 


Meet up via video chat or ice cream date to discuss details

STEP Three:

We make it official by signing the contract and paying the retainer

STEP four:

Party, party, party!!

STEP five:

Enjoy your photos!

My clients

I expect my clients to be a good fit, to love my work + be willing to fall in love all over again during our session. my ideal client should not be afraid to let the wind mess up their hair, get mud on their shoes, or grab their lover's butt. my sessions are full of laughter + tears to create an intimate session based on YOU.​

Photography is the best way to re-live perfect moments that you never want to forget.

​special occasions beg for a photographer, but not every session needs to have a reason; shoots can simply be a moment to remember why we choose to love + enjoy life. when choosing your photographer, it is vital you obsess over their work + recognize that your personalities can compliment one another.



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